Welcome to my blog – a condition called life…

A ‘Condition Called Life’ is born out of my desire to stay in touch with friends and family while I begin my adventure in Nursing school. It also stems from my love of writing, and my anticipated inability to write the personal notes to friends that I am known for while enrolled in this program.

The title, ‘A Condition Called Life’ seems fitting to the adventures of my life, through jobs, cities, friends, and relationships – it has been more of a ‘condition’ than a ‘plan’ as I would have preferred. Isn’t that what life is all about? Living life vs. having it live you and making the best of the ups and downs and all the unknowns and side roads that ultimately define you? My ‘condition’ has been varied, exciting, rewarding, and certainly unexpected; this latest chapter is a continuation of that path. Life is not always positive but you have to make the best of it and be willing to adapt when adaptation is required.

The nursing program will be an accelerated 15 month program and the adventure starts in a few short months. I returned to college in 2013 to gain the required 22 hours of prerequisite courses needed for nursing school application eligibility. As a non-traditional student in my early 40’s this has not been an easy decision but it will ultimately be rewarding. Combined with my past professional experience in healthcare accreditation, clinical policy development and performance improvement, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing/RN degree will help me bridge my past to a brighter dynamic future with plenty of career opportunities. Come along, and join me as my journey as a nursing student begins…

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