Moved but not settled

I’m all moved into my new spacious 340 square foot studio apartment in Alexandria, VA and more than ready for classes to begin!  I had no idea how mentally draining the process would be as I had to unpack items from my last apartment, but I’m dealing with that.  I’m ready to begin this educational journey and have a personal goal to graduate with honors. 

I’ve created a chart to track on my refrigerator the months that tick by in the program – 15 months starting September… This will help me stay focused and motivated on the end goal of achieving my RN! There have been moments where I’ve wondered what the heck I am doing, but then I have to focus on how far I have come after setting this goal and also realize that 15 months at a busy pace will indeed pass quickly. 

This summer before school begins I will continue to apply for scholarships, and continue to evaluate my belongings for further downsizing to ensure a future move is a lot less cumbersome.  I also have several subjects to study in advance to give myself the best chance for success in the program.  I’m eager to gain health insurance coverage so I can schedule some physician visits before the semester begins.

I hope to develop a routine in the next few weeks as this will help me feel better mentally.  This point in time is not where I am comfortable, but I know this is the beginning of a new chapter ultimately leading to a better life and opportunities and change in any magnitude has to be a bit uncomfortable, otherwise it wouldn’t be ‘change’.   



  1 comment for “Moved but not settled

  1. Eve
    July 1, 2014 at 12:11 am

    Love you….stay the course and I will see you soon to celebrate….something!!

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