Thanks and forgiving

This Thanksgiving break offers a nice reprieve from what has been the typical schedule.  For two days I have allowed myself not to open a nursing book.  Today, however, I find myself having flash card withdrawals… which is probably a good thing as I still have more exams ahead.

I’m thankful for the break and thankful that I have made it this far; just 5 more exams stand between me and the official end of my first semester.  I am thankful for friends and family that have been there for me and continue to support me.

This is also a time of ‘forgiving’ as well as being thankful.  I am not required to re-hash the past as is common with holidays.  In fact, I am fully allowed to dive straight into the future; the unchartered and unknown.  I cannot revisit, nor change the past although there are a million things I would if offered the chance.  I continue to learn to forgive those who have been destructive influences in my life. I  must also learn to forgive myself.  This is perhaps even more important and difficult than forgiving others. This process of forgiving is not yet complete but I believe I’m making daily progress.

Staying grounded in the present is keeping me steady.  Now back to the flash cards…

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