the next year


The next new year is about to begin.  Days away from 2015 and I loathe the slow process of this annual change.  I much prefer it to just zip by while I’m sleeping without having to acknowledge that there is a true turning of the page to 2015.  Why? Because it is just another point of reflection and I do much better with busy non-reflective time.  Especially true when I’m not content with my place in life.  I feel some days like the seat holder at the award show; do I deserve to be there? Absolutely not. I am merely serving a purpose to keep a seat filled until the ‘real’ star returns. Fortunately, or at least blindly, I think that I only have a year left of this duty then surely my place will be found and I will no longer be ‘the lost child.’ I’ve been telling myself this for years now so if a lie, please do not tell me the truth….lol.

In this new year I am not resolving anything.  I choose not to look for, wish for, nor interpret any ‘life’ signs; instead, I choose to create my own ‘signs.’  I’m not sure how to explain this except to reveal that any year for which I have established a running list of ‘life goals or resolutions’ I have been hugely disappointed and I will instead just live.

I have joined a running club that I will soon attend. I will take time to tour the D.C. area I have only briefly explored.  I will attend ‘open knit night’ at a local knit shop and finally learn how to finish a baby sweater I started years ago, yet have since made no progress.  I will breathe more, do more yoga, drink more red wine instead of banishing it as a part of my study routine.  These are not resolutions but personal ‘signs’ that I will set for myself instead of looking to the world to guide me.  I will not look at the sky and assume it will be a good day due to the weather, I will, instead, make it a good day.  If time permits I wish to volunteer at a local clinic where I can gain not only more healthcare experience but also a letter for my resume that will help as I begin to look for nursing jobs.  I will stop feeling guilty for the past; my past and everyone else’s past and seek help to put this aside if needed.  I can only be responsible for myself and that is okay.  I will finish nursing school this year and regardless if that is done with honors, it will be accomplished.  This is what I will seek in the new year… may you and yours be filled with health, wealth, peace and overwhelming joy.

  3 comments for “the next year

  1. December 31, 2014 at 3:41 am

    Love your reflection and I will hope to incorporate it into my reflection on the new year, which so far is, to embrace what is before me.

    • December 31, 2014 at 3:46 am

      Thank you Shellie, a daily battle indeed to stay focused on the present and not move to far in the future nor to revisit the past… XO

  2. Eve
    December 31, 2014 at 6:46 am

    Lots of love and hugs for you. And prayers for a better year for both of us. Miss you. Will call when we return from our trip

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