the break

Amazingly, I have completed my 3rd semester and have had an entire month off from classes.  I’m so glad to have made it thus far (fairly unscathed) and looking forward to the final portion of this adventure. The first few days of freedom helped me realize that I had missed basically everything in life outside nursing school.  This includes national and international news, running and working out and even taking the time to enjoy a full cup of the French Press coffee I brew each morning.  Time to truly smell the roses is what I embraced in my first week of not being in class, along with catching up in other areas of life.  Most often the word ‘break‘ is not associated with something pleasant.  It evokes memories of relationships ended, or numerous other negative connotations.  A physical break is, in this case, an extremely positive, blissful state of existence and I welcome it!  No cramming for an exam for hours on end. No dreaming of lab values nor interpreting a medication calculation, or visualizing a condition and automatically reciting the associated manifestations of ‘said’ illness.  I am feeling so much better now that I have had this period of time to live fully. I enjoyed a few trips over the break which were restorative. I hope that this rest and renewed energy will follow me into the new semester and not become usurped by the normal rigor of the program. I can honestly say I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am very excited to have started compiling my portfolio for future interviews, and am looking forward to an internship where I will be mentored by another nurse this fall.  Early glances over the syllabi this week show that I will have the normal assigned amount of reading, case studies, reports, and projects.  Last August I would not have been able to envision this moment.  Knowing that I will graduate in December 2015 and that I may even be able to test for the RN license by the end of the year is almost unreal.  What an unexpected journey, but I am grateful I did not give up, or turn away when there were so many opportunities for me to do so instead of staying focused on this investment of time, energy and financial cost. As always, a special thank you to those people who have continued to cheer me on! This last semester will certainly be one to chronicle; more frequent updates ahead…

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