Updates frequently appear on my iPhone but my life also receives random update notices…. In a few months I’ll be finished with my BSN and ready to take the NCLEX to earn my RN.  That is a lot of acronyms but RN = new career.  Updates are not only for iPhones but also apply to our lives.  One day very soon I’ll awake to a new fully loaded life update and while that is exciting, it is also a bit frightening.

My life has changed so much over the years and most have been unexpected.  The decision of where to live and work as a new RN is causing me great thought and introspection.  I am taking this ‘Hallowed’ month to do exactly that – evaluate and consider potential updates that will be approaching.  DC, Chicago, IL, or CA which will it be? Perhaps none of these…I just hope that as on my phone, a clear update will appear and direct me to my next step in life.


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